Wednesday, May 10, 2006

1st Post: I am a Sweaterslut.

Let me make it clear that I am writing this as a response to a challenge to a man whom I have recently gotten to know. I was asked to assume the name of "sweaterslut", create an email account called "" and a blog named "sweaterslut". My first task is to introduce myself as a "sweaterslut". Those are the conditions I had to meet before he would agree to being interviewed by me, and I have done it. His reasons for doing so is, as he says, to educate and assess me; he believes that my search for the reasons behind his condition show that I am probably a fellow sufferer.

I must also inform my reader that I am typing this in the attire he has chosen for me. I am wearing a woollen dark blue turtleneck sweater, knee-high cotton socks and a loose pair of briefs.

For some time now I have been investigating that strange phenomenon called "sweater fetish"--a condition where a person is aroused by the sight of, or wearing, a woollen sweater. In the course of my investigations I came across a site maintained by a man named "Woolmaster". In this site, Woolmaster kept a rich repository of stories and pictures depicting women and mostly men in sweaters. It seemed to me that Woolmaster suffered from the schizophrenic character so common among sadomasochists: he could not decide whether to imagine himself as the "sweaterer" or the "sweatered". This was what led me to ask him for details, which in turn led to this strange dare.

There, I have done it. He has also suggested that I give him my address, and that he personally pay me a visit, but I have denied him the pleasure. He has had the daring to suggest that "once I have you cock in a sweater you will give yourself up to me", but I have no desire to involve myself in any such deeply subjective experimentation.